How It Works

** The fresh cow gallstones are easy to be broken. So please safe it very well.

** Please make sure the stone is come from the GALLBLADDER . Not from Cystic duct. the stone from cystic duct is very low quality, price is very low .

cow gallstones

**Normally, the fresh wet gallstones contain 75% water. it means a wet 100 gram gallstones will become 25 gram dried gallstones. please note.  so, when you collect gallstones, please bargain price with your suppliers. The wet cow gallstones is very easy to go mouldy. So,you have to dry it as soon as possible.

**The Cow Gallstones are rare.  Normally, only 1% cattle have a gallstone. That is why the price is so expensive.

There are 3 methods you can choose to dry the wet cattle gallstones.

(Keep them away from direct sunlight, otherwise it will cause cracks and powder..)

Method One:

If you got a wet gallstones, you can put it in the room with air condition, after about 5 days, it will be completely dried.  (this is the best way to dry a wet cattle gallstones).

Method Two:

If you don’t have a air condition, please put the wet gallstones on the place where is dried and have smooth wind.  ( don’t use sun dry,sunshine will broken it). After about 15 days, it will be very dried.

Method Three:

Put the wet cattle gallstones in a cartoon box with many holes,  then use a Electric fan to blow towards the cartoon box for 7 days.

How to take a photo?

Scatter the gallstones ( don’t huddled together) on a piece of white paper and write down the weight. Then take a clear photo.

How to talk with our online WhatsApp customers service?

  • Please tell us where are you from.
  • How many grams cow gallstones do you have now?
  • How many grams of cow gallstones can you offer every month?
  • What price do you offer?
  • Are you working in slaughterhouse or a beef company? We don’t work with broker. (because the broker don’t have cow gallstones in real and they offer high price.)
  • There are many strangers text us every week. Most of them are brokers or fraud. So, please take some clear photos of your cow gallstones.  If possible, please make a video call with us (WhatsApp,Viber,Imo,Wechat,FB Messager) .

How to avoid broken?

When you are drying the cow gallstones, you can use threads twine around on the gallstones.

How to work with COWGALLSTONES.COM ? is basic in Hong Kong and China. 

If you can take the goods to China or Hong Kong, we will meet and do the business and we will pay in cash.   

If you only have small quantity and you can not come to China(Hong Kong,Vietnam,Malaysia,Thailand), Please use express to deliver the gallstones to our warehouse in Hong Kong.

If you have more than 700 grams gallstones and offer a reasonable price, I can go to your country to meet you and buy it.

I can go to the following countries to meet you and pick up the cow gallstones: China,Hong Kong,Vietnam,Thailand,Malaysia,Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.  (Please make sure that you offer a reasonable price and a good quantity stones.)

How to deliver Cow gallstones to Hong Kong? 

Some international expresses can be used for delivery such as DHL, EMS, UPS and TNT, etc. Please contact the express companies in your own country.

 (EMS and DHL are recommended, who charge from $50 to $150 for the delivery to Hong Kong.)

EMS is different with POST delivery. Please don’t use Post delivery, please use EMS .

You need to go to the delivery office and inquire the deliver information.

The destination is Hong Kong.  ( not China, please note !)

Before you deliver the gallstones, please contact our staffs in WhatsApp.

We will update the Hong Kong address to you.

Please check DHL office address in your city:

How to pack the cow gallstones?

The cow gallstones are easy to be broken. Please safe it in a hard box with tissue.

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    how they buy the gram ?

    1. please contact us via WhatsApp: +85267354466

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