Buying Cow gallstones

We Are Long Term Buyer of Cow Gallstones. Buying it at High Price. Please Contact Us Via WhatsApp +852 67354466

We Buy Cow Gallstones

As a Chinese medical corporation, and a direct purchaser, we have a long-term need for ox gallstones and are able to buy it at the highest price that are offered.

We have an office in Hong Kong, and can receive shipment in either Hong Kong or mainland China.

We have been occupied in traditional Chinese medicine for over two decades, and are experienced in ox gallstones trade.

Currently, we have suppliers from Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, New Zealand and Ethiopia, etc.

We only purchase gallstones taken out from ox and cow, not gallstones from other animals.


How to work with us ?

We will purchase at a price in accordance with the international market in good faith.
Please contact our customer service through chatting software like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Telegram, Viber or email.

We will offer you our delivery address in Hong Kong, with which you could deliver the ox gallstones to us.

After delivery, please inform us of the package tracing number, which ought to be found out online and show the latest delivery condition till the package arrives safely to our storehouse in Hong Kong.

The instant we receive our goods, you will get paid by transfer at the best price available if there is no quality problems.


WhatsApp: +852 67354466


How to deliver ox gallstones to Hong Kong ?

Some international expresses can be used for delivery such as DHL, EMS, UPS and TNT, etc. Please contact the express companies in your own country.(EMS and DHL are recommended, who charge from $40 to $100 for the delivery to Hong Kong.)


How to pack ox gallstones?

Put dry ox gallstones into more than one sealed plastic bags and then seal them with adhesive tapes. Wrap the bags with foams or papers in case of collision. Place the bags into a carton and seal the carton with adhesive tapes. The carton should be no less than 20 cm long or wide in case of getting lost due to the small size.


How will you receive our payments ? 

Through T/T International Telegraphic Transfer, Western Union or AstroPay card. You will get paid by transfer right after the price evaluation with any of the accounts offered by you beforehand.


What is Ox Gallstones?

Ox gallstones,cow gallstones,cattle gallstones also known as calculus bovis,niu-huang or ox bezoars are dried gallstones of cattle used in Chinese herbology. It’s Chinese name is 牛黄.
In Asian countries calculus bovis are harvested when cattle (Bos taurus domesticus Gmelin) are slaughtered.
Their gall bladders are taken out, the bile is filtered, and the stones are cleaned and dried. In western countries they are usually discarded. Its equivalent in Vedic culture is Gorochana. It is a expensive Traditional Chinese Medicine.

How to process wet ox gallstones ?

As the ox gallstones just taken out from an ox’s stomach are wet, the dirty things on the surface need to be removed and then they need to be kept in a dry and cool place (it normally takes 3-7 days). Keep them away from direct sunlight, otherwise it will cause cracks and powder.


The price of Ox Gallstones

The price of ox gallstones varies yearly, and is rising these years because a large number of Chinese buyers are looking for it.
In 2015, the ox gallstones was sold at 25 USD per gram. Till 2019, the present price of superior ox gallstones is 57 USD per gram.


Our strengths

As the biggest ox gallstones purchaser in Asia, we only deal with ox gallstones. We promise to offer the most professional quality evaluation and the highest quotation. Thanks to our cooperation with numerous suppliers from all over the world, our monthly demand for ox gallstones can reach 30 kg.


The use of Ox Gallstones 

ox gallstones can serve as medicine. As an important part of traditional Chinese medicine, it has instant effect. ox gallstones is universally used in hospitals in China.


Why is Ox Gallstones so expensive?

It’s very rare, as only one ox out of 250 oxen can be found with gallstones.According to scientific statistics, only one ox out of 250 to 500 oxen can be found with gallstones.
 If you run an ox slaughterhouse in which 100 oxen are slaughtered every day, then ox gallstones may be found 12 or 6 times a month 100×30 ÷(250 or 500)=12 or 6 times of ox gallstones. (About 120g dry ox gallstones.) It means 2kg ox gallstones can be obtained each year.

The demand for ox gallstones in the Chinese market is extremely large, since everyone knows its value and high price, and most importantly, it is an inseparable part of various prescriptions.


Where is the largest market of Ox Gallstones? 

It is estimated that apart from mainland China, who accounts for 80% of the whole market of ox gallstones, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, etc occupy the rest 20%. As the biggest consumer of seahorse, China is also the chief buyer of ox gallstones.
It is said that the annual demand of ox gallstones for Chinese pharmaceutical factories is 6000 kg, an amount that surpasses the entire supply of ox gallstones worldwide.

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